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May 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009


Health First Network has terminated their contract with HealthEase to provide Medicaid HMO
services. This termination will take effect on August 31, 2009. It is important to note that this
termination does not affect the Well Care Medicare product.

We have been negotiating with HealthEase on this product since late in 2008. Our contract was a
downstream risk contract meaning we took some of the risk from HealthEase. We have explored several
alternatives to the current arrangement but at this point have not reached an agreement. I will
tell you that the contract with HealthEase is only a small part of the issue. In September of 2007
the overall premium for the Medicaid HMO members paid by the state of Florida to HealthEase in this
area was $198 per member per month (PMPM). In March of this year the state of Florida has cut this
premium to a rate of $170 PMPM. That means that in a period of 19 months the state has reduced $7
million or 14% from the premium they pay for the approximately 21,000 members in the HMO here in
Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

Besides the fact that HFNI has lost money on this product, it is disconcerting to have this occur
to say the least. I feel HFNI has done an exemplary job on managing the health of the HealthEase
recipients. HFNI has reduced emergency room usage. HFNI has placed a number of patients into
disease and case management thereby helping/educating them with their illnesses and keeping them
healthy. HFNI has instituted a high risk maternity program that reduced our NICU days drastically,
helping these moms to full term or near full term births. In all likelihood these are the type of
programs with local emphasis and management which will be lost.

Negotiations with all parties continue but we at HFNI are not very hopeful of a positive solution.
We wanted to give our physicians and other provides at least a 90 day notice of this action. We are
engaged with the health plan concerning our/your responsibilities for continuity of care after
August 31, 2009 for the patients you are currently seeing. We will share the results of those
discussions at the appropriate time.


The Annual Health First Network Shareholder meeting will be held at the HFNI Office located at 715 S. Palafox St. on June 4th at 6:00 PM. All shareholders (and only shareholders—no substitutes) are encouraged to attend. If you are a shareholder you should have received a notice in the mail about this meeting along with a ballot to vote in this year’s Board of Directors election. If you are a shareholder and did not previously receive the notice and ballot please contact Michelle Hamilton at 850-434-6192. If you have any questions about this meeting you may call Charles Brewer at 850-434-8082.


Health First Network is pleased to honor the following physicians who have taken it upon themselves to provide healthcare services for those who are most in need. In these financially challenging times, the following Health First Network Physicians have volunteered their health services to our community:

Good Samaritan Clinic:
Dr. Mike Kasabian
Dr. Andrew Kortz
Dr. Paul Pandolfi
Dr. Richard Sellers
Dr. David Simpson
Dr. William Zimmern

We Care Program:
Dr. John Tyson
Dr. John Garner
Dr. Alex Inclan
Dr. Joseph Dennis
Dr. Allen Patton
Dr. Karanbir Gill
Dr. Andrew Kees
Dr. Keane Arney
Dr. Andrew Kortz
Dr. Kevin Botts
Dr. Barbara Wade
Dr. Kirby Turnage
Dr. Barry Lurate
Dr. Kurt Jones
Dr. Benjamin Lloyd
Dr. Kurt Stockamp
Dr. Boyd Skinner
Dr. Layne Yonehiro
Dr. Brent Videau
Dr. Ludovic Lasquety
Dr. Brent Parra
Dr. Marcelo Branco
Dr. Carl Speer
Dr. Mark Boatwright
Dr. Charles Roth
Dr. Mark Giovianni
Dr. Charles Chapleau
Dr. Mark Wehry
Dr. Chris Tugwell
Dr. Martha Stewart
Dr. Christian Allmon
Dr. Mary Jane Benson
Dr. Christopher LeCrory
Dr. Maurice Bouchard
Dr. Daniel Doty
Dr. Methusamy Velusamy
Dr. Daniel Phillips
Dr. Michael Fry
Dr. David Miles
Dr. Michael Redmond
Dr. David Chandler
Dr. Michael Reisberg
Dr. David Phillips
Dr. Michael Caluda
Dr. David Bernstein
Dr. Michael Plunkett
Dr. David Simpson
Dr. Michael Kasabian
Dr. David Frank Andrews
Dr. Mounzer Soued
Dr. Davinder Sekhon
Dr. Norman Haines
Dr. Dennis Peters
Dr. Patrick Reilly
Dr. Dewey Torres
Dr. Paul Tamburro
Dr. Donald Netherland
Dr. Paul Pandolfi
Dr. Donald Todd
Dr. Paula Pyle
Dr. Douglas Tappan
Dr. Phillip Benton
Dr. Eduardo Puente
Dr. Rammahan Rao
Dr. Edwin Rogers
Dr. Ramon Aycock
Dr. Elaine Brennan
Dr. Randall Rich
Dr. Elias Skoufis
Dr. Richard Sellers
Dr. Elmer Brestan
Dr. Robert Spencer
Dr. Fares Haikim
Dr. Robert Cameron
Dr. Fernando Kafie
Dr. Robert Ruby
Dr. Frank Castagna
Dr. Roger Moraski
Dr. Frank Messina
Dr. Roger Orth
Dr. Frank Greskovich III
Dr. Ronnie Wiles
Dr. F. Brooks Hodnette III
Dr. Safwan Jaalouk
Dr. George Rees
Dr. Sam Parker
Dr. Scott Finelli
Dr. George Rees
Dr. Shailesh Patel
Dr. German Herrera
Dr. Stephen Myers
Dr. George Dmytrenko
Dr. Steve Kronlage
Dr. Ghosn Issa
Dr. Stuart Harlin
Dr. Hani Razek
Dr. Sumil Gupta
Dr. Howell Martin
Dr. Thomas Paine
Dr. Humam Humeda
Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald
Dr. Jack Lurate
Dr. Thomas Sunnenberg
Dr. Jack Kotlarz
Dr. Thomas Tan
Dr. James Lonquist
Dr. Tipton McNight
Dr. James Friedland
Dr. Troy Tipton
Dr. James Pennington
Dr. Wade Peters
Dr. James Stringfield
Dr. John Wagner
Dr. James Smith
Dr. Wayne Cartee
Dr. Jason Marshall
Dr. Wayne Adkinsson
Dr. E. Jean Dabezies
Dr. Wayne Campbell
Dr. Jerrald Kuenn
Dr. William Langhorne II
Dr. Jim Fleishhauer
Dr. William Langhorn III
Dr. Joe Guitian
Dr. William Pickens
Dr. John Grammer
Dr. William Bailey
Dr. John Myers
Dr. William Henghold
Dr. John DeJong
Dr. William Smith
Dr. John Gary
Dr. William Clark
Dr. John Wade
Dr. William Zimmern
Dr. John Bray
Dr. Winifred Hansen
Dr. John Wagner
Dr. Ziad Mamish
Dr. John Luetkemeyer

St. Joseph Parish:
Dr. William Whibbs

Thank you for your commitment to our community and to the patients we serve. We are honored to have you as partners in health and healing. These are just a few examples and we would be happy to hear of more and recognize them in the future.


If you have not already done so, please complete this very brief School Health Medical Provider Survey and fax back to Health First Network at Fax# 438-0298. Click here for survey. Your feedback provides valuable information to the Escambia School District for the children in our community.


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