Health First Network Sends a Message of Good Health to Fourth Graders

May 7, 2007

Health First Network is committed to helping build a healthier community, beginning with children. Toward this end, the organization has led a series of initiatives over the past few years - most recently by sponsoring and introducing a new children's book, Living Healthy, Feeling Good.
Written by John H. Appleyard, this storybook came to life on April 19, at Macarthur Elementary School in Pensacola when characters popped of the pages and into the school's gym filled with fourth graders.
During this fun-filled, yet educational event, Appleyard signed and distributed copies of Living Healthy, Feeling Good, written to educate children about the tenets of good health. Building on this theme, stations were set up so students could experience good health up close and personal.
Health First Network's medical director, Dr. William Whibbs, greeted students at one station, educating them about healthy habits such as proper hand washing techniques, immunizations, and exercise. Another station features the gym coach with mats to help kids do exercises. Book characters and the tooth fairy make special guest appearances, and the school handed out the fruit of the month for kids to eat.
Living Healthy, Feeling Good is about a student that has asthma attack on the playground and afterwards had difficulty breathing. Upon a visit to the school nurse, it is discovered the student has never had regular medical care. The school, in turn, tries to contact the parents, but cannot reach them. In the end, the school brings in a health care expert to teach students about asthma and overall good health.
Health First Network paid for the printing of Living Healthy, Feeling Good, which was distributed to fourth graders not only at Macarthur but also every fourth grader in Escambia County. Now, that's making a difference now and in the future.
Living Healthy, Feeling Good is part of a series of books devoted to public safety, health, and issues. Previous editions have highlighted topics ranging from fire safety to farming. Appleyard's next book is slated to educate children about hospitals.

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