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New Medicaid HMO Product

December 7, 2010

Health First Network has finalized a new contract with HealthEase to provide a managed Medicaid product to Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The last contract we had with HealthEase was an "at risk" and ended on August 31, 2009. The contract ended due to cuts made in HMO reimbursement to HealthEase by the state. The fact of the matter is that the contract was just not doable for either of us. Since that time the state has restored some of the funding to the program for Area 1, our local area. This makes it a viable product again. The new contract with HealthEase will be different in that it is what is called a messenger model contract. HFNI is not at financial risk. We are going to perform some network development functions, your current credentials with HFNI will serve for the HealthEase product as we are delegated this function also and we are in discussions to perform medical management locally.

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