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Results of 2009 School Health Medical Provider Survey

August 10, 2009

The Escambia County School District asked Health First Network to communicate their thanks and appreciation for Health First Networks assistance with the recent Medical Provider Survey. For HFNI Providers who participated in the survey, the school district provided the following feedback on the results:

63% reported screening referrals made by the School Nurses to be valid.
68% reported medical referrals made by the School Nurses to be valid.
33 - 44% were aware of the school district guidelines for managing students with asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes and seizures.
84% said they were available for consultations with the School Nurses.
79% had access to the required medication and procedure authorization forms provided by the district.
83% found the required authorization forms easy to complete and understand.
74% were aware that a school nurse is available for consultation regarding a student's health needs.
58% use the school physical as a means to communicate vital health information to the school nurse.
74% were aware that the ECHD in collaboration with the School District has placed a RN and HST at each school site.
63% felt that overall communication with school nurses had been satisfactory.

Current guidelines for Anaphylaxis (Allergies), Asthma, Diabetes and Seizure Management can be located on the HFNI website.

The School District website ( contains information about School Health requirements including immunization information. Authorization forms are available on the District website @

A phone list for School Nurses and HSTs can be obtained from the HFNI Medical Department if a medical provider has a question about a student at a particular school.

HFNI thanks you for your continued interest and support of the School Health Program.

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