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Participating Pharmacy now contracted for Diabetic Education

November 3, 2008

In the January 2008 issue of the e-Connect Newsletter, Health First Network featured an article highlighting a local participating pharmacy, Thrif T Drugs and Darrell Miller, Pharm D.

Thrif T Drugs is a contracted Pharmacy with Health First Network, and a top ally of the organization. Darrell and his team go above and beyond delivering medicine and top-notch care and customer service to clients. They focus on taking care of the patient, educating their customers on how to take and use their prescriptions, and even offering delivery services. Pharmacists at the two locations pride themselves on working closely with patients to promote proper use and compliance with medications.

Under a new contract, Thrif T Drugs is now contracted for Diabetic Education in individual and/or group sessions for WellCare members with Pharmacist Darrell Miller. Your WellCare members on Diabetic Medications and those using Glucometers for Blood Sugar testing, may benefit from this new service.

WellCare members with diabetes have the benefit of a glucometer that can be dispensed at no cost to them from the Healthplan. Several different models are available. Occasionally, due to diabetic or age-related conditions such as arthritic fingers or visual problems, the member cannot use the machine they are issued, and, as a result, stop using it and fail to monitor their blood sugar levels. Darrell and his team can assist these members by sitting down with them in a one-on-one teaching session and reviewing their medication and glucometer usage. Darrell can recommend different Glucometer machines that may be more functional for the member. Thrif T Drugs can also provide diabetic supplies, test strips and lancets, with a prescription with no referral or pre-authorization needed.

Physicians, office staff and case managers can refer a member for diabetic education at Thrif T Drugs by calling Darrell Miller at the Jordan Street store at 850-433-2165. Speak to him directly, or, if he is not immediately available, leave a message for him to return the call, or e-mail him at and leave the information and contact number. No pre-authorization or referral authorization number is needed to refer a WellCare member for these diabetic education services with Thrif T Drugs.

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