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eINFOsource - New System Implementation

September 10, 2008

MED3000 is undertaking a new system implementation for their client Health First Network. The new system is expected to move into production October 1, 2008. Processing for claims prior to October 1st will be processed in the existing system and claims for service dates beyond the 1st of October will be processed in the new system.

With this implementation, the web portal Infosource will also undergo change. A direct link from the current portal login screen to the new site for eINFOsource will be provided when this change occurs. eINFOsource provides the ability to validate eligibility, view claim status and to initiate authorizations. Training for eINFOsource is available now. MED3000 has developed a series of E-Learning tools enabling users to train at their convenience. These tools can be accessed by clicking on the link below and following the prompts to the training modules.

eINFOsource is designed to streamline many of the day-to-day administrative activities within the physician office. Health First Network and MED3OOO encourage the use of these tools. Questions regarding the new system implementation, how to obtain access to eINFOsource, and the available training should be directed to the Provider Network Support Help Desk at (850) 505-4090 or toll free (866) 703-1444.

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