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September 18, 2015

WellCare of Florida is no longer contracted with Univita for durable medical equipment, home health care, or home infusion services. This termination includes Healthease Kids, Staywell Kids, Staywell MMA and WellCare Medicare programs in Florida.

To ensure their members receive the services and equipment they need, please utilize the following:
Standard requests (Fax)
For General DME and Home Health requests: 877-426-7091
For Members being discharged from an inpatient setting in need of Home Health or DME: 855-421-5616
For infusion service requests contact: BioScrip Central Intake Phone: 866-788-7710, Fax: 888-292-1228, or Walgreens Florida Contact at Phone: 800-396-2933; Fax: 888-550-8880

Urgent requests (Phone)*: Medicaid: 800-351-8777 Medicare: 855-538-0454
*Note: Please utilize the fax number as much as possible, your service will be handled more expeditiously.

Other questions or concerns can be directed to the WellCare Provider Service Department at the following numbers:
HealthEase Kids: 1-800-278-8178
Staywell Kids: 1-866-698-5437
Staywell (MMA): 1-866-334-7927
Medicare: 1-855-538-0454

Active authorizations for Home Health, DME, and infusion services will continue to be honored and paid at the rate providers were previously contracted with under Univita throughout the continuity of care period identified below.
• Staywell (MMA): 60 days after August 1, 2015
• Healthease Kids and Staywell Kids: 30 days after August 1, 2015
• Medicare: 60 days after August 1, 2015

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