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Health First Network donates to the ElderCare Recovery Project

October 1, 2007

Health First Network made a generous donation of $6,000 to the ElderCare Health Recovery Project. This project is the signature project of the Escambia County Medical Society. It is a collaborative community outreach program which identifies seniors with high-risk characteristics and provides opportunities for specific interventions to prevent future high-cost healthcare expenditures. It's goal is to provide a safety net of "transitional care" - both health and social services - for "at-risk" seniors who go home from the hospital without a capable caregiver. The program assists seniors to maintain their independence, and helps to reduce future healthcare costs by preventing potentially avoidable re-admissions, and improving the quality of life. This funding will assist the ElderCare Health Recovery Project to meet a goal of serving 60-100 patients per year in Escambia County.

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