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Dr. Thanh Duong-Wagner Becomes the Newest Member of the Board of Directors

June 1, 2007

A Vietnamese immigrant, who came to America as a young child, Dr. Thanh Duong-Wagner didn't have it easy growing up. However, she was determined from a young age to make something of her life. It's fair to say, having become a first-rate cardiologist that she's done so with flying colors.

What she appreciates most about being a physician is "helping people." Wagner said there's nothing more gratifying to her than caring for patients in need, essentially giving them life.

Her life's work has certainly made a difference, and now Wagner is about to give back in yet another way as the newest member of Health First Network's Board of Directors. In this role, she will have the opportunity to touch the medical community at large and truly help shape health care in this region.

Wagner values Health First Network because of the fellowship it offers. She enjoys being part of a network with a shared vision. "It's so important in today's world, to be part of something, to not go it alone," she said.

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