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Coventry (Vista) Coversion: Claims Submissions

May 28, 2010

Vista Health Plan recently communicated several changes affecting their membership. The plan name is changing to Coventry Health Plan and they are issuing new ID cards for their members. The communication from Coventry also provided a new claims address and Payer ID for electronic claims. In an effort to avoid confusion and any misdirected claims, please note their change in Payer ID does not affect claims that would routinely be submitted to MED3OOO for processing. Health First Network providers should continue to utilize the MED3OOO payer IDs for Vista/Coventry claims.

Commercial Coventry (old Vista): M3FL0002
Vista Healthy Kids: M3FL0003

If you have any questions regarding the Payer ID or claim submission process please contact us at (850) 505-4090 or (866)-703-1444.

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